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Our lifestyle blog is 100% dedicated to the new-generation lifestyle of coliving.

Coliving is a community concept whose aim is to combine life and work, all in a friendly atmosphere that encourages sharing and meeting new people. It's a clever blend of respected privacy and shared living.

The Hife lifestyle blog is aimed primarily at colivers (coliving residents), who are mostly young professionals or professionals on the move or flexible like freelancers or digital nomads, for example. More broadly, our blog can be of interest to all professionals, as well as private individuals. Lifestyle articles for everyone - that's the Hife blog! Everything you want to read about is in this blog so check it out!

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This space, like our Hife residences, is community-based and diverse. Our team writes and publishes content that is useful, inspiring and trendy. All the subjects that might interest and make life easier for professionals and colivers. Within our 100% lifestyle blog, you'll find different categories of article topics. Our aim? To keep you up to date with the latest coliving news and share our advice and good tips with you. We don't have the usual lifestyle blog categories such as fashion, food, travel, beauty, style, women, men and so on. Instead, you'll find a mix of all these topics, with a focus on discovery, practicality and lifestyle, of course. Can’t wait to read it all? Join us and check out the best coliving related content!


Lifestyle blog: coliving

Coliving is the central theme of this lifestyle blog. Discover the world of this lifestyle through our editorial content. Answers to the main questions, advice, definitions, a real guide for all colivers and anyone interested in the concept of coliving.

We will try to give you an accurate idea of what it is like to stay in one of our residences.


Lifestyle blog: Hife news

Find the latest news from our Hife residences in this dedicated category. Discover all our new events in our residences: cooking workshops, DIY, cocktail parties, conferences, sports classes, themed evenings, concerts and much more. Events made in Hife that inspire and bring people together. 


The Hife category of this lifestyle blog is also the place where we communicate all the openings of our new residences, our values, our actions, news about our communal areas (gym, music studio, wellness area, etc.) Brand and lifestyle news, so you can stay well informed! We’ll try to post as regularly as possible so that you’re always updated.


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Lifestyle blog: our advice

In this advice category, you'll find all our tips for simplifying your professional life. Here, we talk about entrepreneurship, the economy and platforms, making life easier for all young professionals and, more generally, all professionals. Depending on your profile, you'll find lots of useful articles and guides to help you in your day-to-day life and motivate you. There will also be posts about how to feel at home in a coliving residence as well as tips about how to create your own wordpress blog.


Lifestyle blog: trends

No lifestyle blog without trends! That's what we think about when we write our articles: top destinations (and not just travel), discovering new concepts and new brands, hot topics, Instagram tips or other social networks, practical tools, etc. Once again, Hife simplifies your daily life by giving you all the trends you don't want to miss.


Lifestyle blog: good deals

Good deals work for travel, but also for coliving! That's why Hife shares with you the best activities, outings, establishments, spots and much more to discover in the cities where our residences are located. Lifestyle blog articles bringing together the unmissable, the unusual and the top things to do around the Hife residences.


Lifestyle blog for professionals

As you know, Hife is open to everyone, but dedicated to professionals! This section brings together all the subjects covered in the various categories, as long as they are relevant to the professional world. You will find posts about coworking, freelance advice, digital nomad tips, personal work space, in short, all the specialist subjects that inspire you.

Does our idea of coliving appeal to you? Discover our residences and services and join the Hife colivers team!


Do you have questions or need clarification on the Hife concept? Contact us!